Zapotec Tomatoes are Very Tasty!

by Christina
(Melbourne, Australia )

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

My mother was given some Zapotec seeds by a friend about 12 years ago. The friend that gave them to her was given the seeds by a lady who brought them back from Italy.

Mum was hesitant to grow them as she had no idea what tomatoes they were. Two years later she decided to plant a few seeds out of curiosity.

We can't believe how tasty these tomatoes are. They are a very fleshy variety and hardly have any seeds in them. They grow very large fruit.

One year mum grew a 920 gram tomato and she was featured in our local paper. A few years after being featured in the paper we had a very bad tomato season and mum lost the seeds. She was devastated!

Mum had given the seeds to so many people and here she was with no seeds.

After growing other varieties for 2 years she eventually asked her friend for more seeds and both mum and I now grow them every year.

We are just coming into our planting season. I planted some seeds a week ago and they have already sprouted. I have about 70 seedlings and more are coming through every day.

This year we have both decided that this will be the only variety we will grow.

They are super delicious and suit the weather conditions here in Melbourne. They are a late maturing variety but they are sure worth waiting for.
The other good thing about this variety is that they tend to fruit for a long time even when the weather cools down.

Given the right conditions these can easily be grown most of, if not all year round in a greenhouse set up.

If you can get your hands on some Zapotec seeds try growing some. You won't regret it!

Mum is 84 now and still has her own vege patch which takes up more than half her back yard. Even though she walks with a walker she insists on getting out there and weeding the garden and preparing it herself. She grows her own seedlings and plants them on her own. She has her own special way of planting those seedlings into the ground as she is unable to bend and is almost blind. I don't know how she does it!!!
She definitely has a green thumb. Always has! Always will!

She tells everyone that God blesses her garden it has nothing to do with what she does.
The only thing she'll let me help her with is putting the stakes in and tying the tomatoes once they grow.

The garden feeds her and the whole neighborhood.
What a blessing she is to everyone! I have learnt so much from her.

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Sep 28, 2013
Thanks for sharing NEW
by: Clark

That is a really touching description of your mum and her gardening. Delightful reading.

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