Why are my tomatoes growing so slow?

My tomato plants are growing very slowly. There are not many leaves; I just noticed three little buds but all in all they are sad looking. This is the first time I've started black prince and heirlooms.

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Jun 20, 2012
Factors that cause stunted growth
by: Clark

I'm guessing it is a soil or temperature problem. I don't know your location but I've had tomato plants just sit dormant for weeks when I planted too early and the temperature wasn't warm enough.

Another huge factor is soil. The best soil for tomatoes is a crumbly, sandy loam rich in organic matter, with good drainage. If your soil is poor, mostly clay and compacted, the root structure of the plants will be poor. Another condition leading to poor growth is planting in small pots.

How's the sunlight, are they getting 6+ hours of sun? Three hours is probably the minimum for growing tomatoes.

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