White hard skin on tomato fruit

by David Irving
(Seattle, Wa.)

Hard Skin on Tomat

Hard Skin on Tomat

Hard Skin on Tomat
White Skin on Tomato Image 1
Thite Skin on Tomato Image 2

I have never seen this before. It is on my Big Boy and Better Boy but not on my Early Girl. It starts as a white flat area that does not turn color when the rest of the fruit starts to turn red. On some of the fruit it stays the same size, on some of the others it increases in size as the fruit grows.

These are grown against the side of a house, painted dull red, watered almost every day and South side. Lots of sun.

The plants were planted in a 2 foot hole with a mixture of steer manure (40%), potting soil (40%) and dirt from previous plantings (made up of the first 2 ingredients. They were originally in 4 inch square plastic containers. planted via mound in middle, quarter break on original root mound (break root ball in one direction and 90 degrees in the other.

Watered heavy to remove air and extra dirt added around stem to be above ground.

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