Tomatoes have possible Anthracnose disease

by Michael
(Nine Mile Falls, Washington)

I first noticed it on a ripened cherry tomato that I picked. A Small yellow blemish that was indented and seemed to be softer than the rest of the tomato. About 2 weeks later I noticed it was on several ripened cherry tomato's.

The cherry tomatoes ripened several weeks before my Heirloom and Romas began to ripen. These bigger tomatoes seemed to be unaffected until this morning. I went down and picked some and found these yellow spots on 2 out of 5 tomatoes.

The size of the spot is approx., 1/16 of an inch, on an approx. 4" to 5" tomato.
Is it possible that my tomatoes have Anthracnose?

Also, is it possible for the disease to travel from one tomato plant to another, even if they are difference types of tomato plants?

Thank you for any information you can supply me with at this time..

Have a great day... Michael

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