Tomato Gray Beetles are Stripping the Leaves

by Rodney White
(Kansas City, Kansas USA)

We have had no rain for three weeks. Last year I had these gray bettles strip the leaves on my tomato plants. So this year I have them back again!!!

Possibly are Blister Bettles but they are gray, 3/4" in size. Any way to save plants or is it a lost cause? Have some insecticidal spray soap so sprayed with what I had left over from last year. Any home brew that I can mix up to spray on plants?

Thanks for the help if someone can suggest something!!!

Zone 5/6 Kansas City, KS

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Jul 30, 2014
AAAAGH! Giant aphids?
by: Anonymous

Sorry,but I've never seen aphids that are 3/4"long. I have these same beetles and they managed to strip 50% of the leaves in 1 day. Never seen them before. Besides,aphids eat legumes,not tomatoes.

Aug 05, 2011
Gray Beetles?
by: Anonymous

I have the same bugs. We had them terrible last year and they are back again, but not as bad. If I am right, I believe your bugs are Aphids. Here's a web site with some simple solutions to get rid of them - Good luck!

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