Tomato blossom-end rot question

by chiefsquirrel
(Las Vegas)

I have an odd occurrence. I have an Early Girl and a Better Boy planted in a very large container/pot. So, both have the same soil, moisture, sun, food, stresses, etc.

But, the Better Boy is the only plant with end rot. Not one incident at all with Early Girl yet. I have already removed 50% of the rotting tomatoes and it’s been quite frustrating.

Since most store-bought plants are cloned could That have something to do with it or is Better Boy just more susceptible? Personally, I will not buy Better Boy next year.

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Jun 26, 2012
not sure whats going on,please help
by: Anonymous

honestly i forgot what my tomatoes are, they are big and healthy looking (plants). they are green still, and get to a pretty good size (softball size). and the the bottoms rot,
i had thought it was blossem rot, but every picture i see the tomatoes are red.
can it be the same thing or something else,
they are planted in the graound, they are watered every day, (not over or under watered), there sun/shade is even, not to much of either, and we've not had a lot of rain,we live in kcmo. so i really dont think its the wheather.
if someone has any ideas please feel more then welcome to suggest something.

Jul 24, 2011
Me too
by: Anonymous

I have a better boy and an early girl planted in a topsy turvy and the better boy has blossom end rot while the early girl does not (although on the first tomato I picked from her, there was a dry dark spot inside the tomato). I'm not sure if it's a calcium problem or the weather. It's been raining and super hot. The weather has fluctuated quite a I'm not certain if it's the calcium or something else..

Jul 23, 2011
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have a Fresh Mountain and I also have noticed our first ripe tomatoes have blossom end rot. First time container gardeners, I researched the problem on the net and came across this...
Might not be getting enough calcium, too much sodium blocking calcium absorption and/or poor water. Also read something about having the soil fluctuate too much between dry and moist. Good luck!

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