Tiny Black Beetles on my Tomatoes

by Isabella Whiting
(Adelaide South Australia)

I discovered tiny black beetles with white markings on top on my tomato plants. They are only about 3mm long. They are very attractive beetles but I feel that they are sucking or laying eggs in my tomatoes as they are getting ripe. Can you help identify them and should I be worried? Thank you.

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Feb 12, 2011
Tiny black beetles
by: Isabella

I said to my husband the black beetles with the white spots on their back look like ladybugs but they are doing harm to my tomatoes. I have an organic garden and do not use sprays. Don my husband does the compost but it smells a bit sometimes. We have had a great crop of rock Melons come up this year just from the compost and tasting great. I will try and get a photo of this little bug -- very pretty.

Feb 11, 2011
Black and white "beetle" possibilities
by: Scottie

Black beetles on the tomato plants: without a picture it is difficult to diagnose. Several possibilities are listed in current postings which include: flea beetles, black and white ladybugs,adult psyllids, and black aphids with white banding on the thorax portion of their body.

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