Tennessee Dirt Dobbers Tomato Cages made fro concrete reinforcing wire.

by Tim

Been using concrete reinforcing wire for several decades now. Cut it into lengths to form about 16-18 inch diameter cages, fastened with their cut ends looped/bent around the opposite side. These are sturdy, with large enough openings to easily pick fruit through! To prevent storms from tipping these over I install a stake or two of rebar, small fence post, wood or bamboo stakes to stabilize them. They last for quite a few years, even more than fifteen years for some of my cages! Cucumbers, peas, tomatillos, and other plants can use the cage for support/protection as well. The light weight concrete reinforcing wire panels found at the local "home center" type store are not good for the tomato cages but are handy for pea fences and etc. tied between T-post. For your tomato cages use the heavy gauge rolls found at construction supply companies. You may have to buy an entire roll and it will make a bunch of cages, so you may want to find a gardener buddy to share the cost and share the labor for the construction process! It has been over ten years since I bought any of the wire and I don't remember what it cost then, but I believe I made about 20 cages and was satisfied with the cost for the resulting cages.

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