Septoria Blight

by Gene Hammond
(Hubbard, Ohio)

I have had a small garden for 12 years now. My problem is with my tomatoes. The last 4 years I have had this septoria blight problem. Let me tell you what I have done to try to stop this blight.

First I have a 4-year crop rotation. I buy disease free plants. (Celebrity,Legion,Champion).
I mulch with grass clippings or straw. I sanitized my cages with bleach mixture. I cleaned my metal stakes the same way.

This year I deep plowed thinking this would help. I have used various sprays.(Copper Fungicide, Fung-Onil Chlorotlalonil,and now Mancozeb Flowable).

Three years ago I sent samples away to Ohio State University. The lab results came back as Septoria Blight. But it seems I'm doing everything that they say to do. But I still have this blight problem.

Any suggestions from your readers would sure help and be appreciated.

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Jun 25, 2014
tomato plant disease
by: Anonymous

starting at the bottom of the tomato plant the leaves turn yellow and then brown. it is going up the tomato plants. what do i put on the plants?

Aug 04, 2011
Try this
by: Anonymous

Get you some Serenade disease control concentrate. It's organic and it really works. Gene in Indiana

Jul 02, 2011
How I stopped Septoria Leaf Spot
by: Clark

That must be very frustrating to do all that and still have the disease. I had a problem with Septoria leaf spot on all my plants in one bed. Removing the diseased leaves, spraying with Bonide copper fungicide, and mulching with dried grass clippings stopped it in its tracks, though.

I'd also ask for advice at your local gardening centers for other suggestions.

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