Seedlings fell over

by Bobby Atkins
(Chesnee, S.C.)

This morning one of my tomato seedlings was doing fine then about an hour later one of them fell over for some reason, I don't know if its because the soil is too damp or if its some kind of soil fungi, because I noticed strange little white and orange specks around the edges of the soil that I am using and its the kind with seed starter and other nutrients.

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Jan 29, 2011
Try sterilizing pots/tools next time
by: Clark

This is almost certainly a problem with damping-off disease (fungus). In my experience it's not always preventable but I think the best approach is to use soil-less mix for a growing medium.

Also, make sure your implements are clean because contaminants can be carried there. Sterilizing your pots/growing trays can help as well.

You mentioned that your grow mix was pre-fertilized. I wonder if an unfertilized mix would be better though I have no proof of that.

Hope you're having better luck with the rest of your seedlings!

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