Roma Tomato

Roma Tomato

The bright red Roma tomato, is a very popular open-pollinated plum variety that is commonly available in retail groceries. It is a determinate type tomato vine and stops growing after it reaches a height of 3- to 4-feet. Because its vines are easier to manage than indeterminates it is a good choice for growing in containers.

This variety is popular for canning because it is thick and meaty with few seeds and has a rich flavor. It is also a heavy producer, which is convenient for home canners who need a short harvest period.

When choosing varieties, keep in mind that "determinate" tomatoes ripen over 3-4 weeks on bushy vines with thick stems that usually don't need to be staked.

Color: Red

Shape: Plum

Average Size: 4 ounces

Seed Type: Heirloom (open-pollinated)

Plant Characteristics: Determinate; regular leaf; high yield; 3- to 4-ft.

Maturity: Mid-season, 75 days after transplant

Disease Resistance: VFN*

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*Guide to Disease Resistance
A Alternaria
Asc Alternaria Stem Canker
St Stemphylium
V Verticillium wilt
F Fusarium wilt
FFF Fusarium races 1, 2 & 3
Gls Gray Leaf Spot
N Nematodes
T tobacco mosaic virus


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