My tomatoes are hollow inside.

by Kathy
(Freehold NJ)

Hollow Tomato Image 1

Hollow Tomato Image 1

Hollow Tomato Image 1
Hollow Tomato Image 2

I grew big boy, better boy, and plum tomatoes in my home garden this year. At first they were ok...juicy inside. Now every tomato I pick is hollow inside. The plant itself appears healthy. The fruit that I pick appears healthy on the outside but when I cut the tomatoes they are dry and hollow inside like a pepper. The seeds are there and are surrounded by a gelatinous red substance. I am from NJ where we are known for our tomatoes but mine are not NJ tomatoes to be proud of. :-(.

I also had cucumbers and squash that I planted. I had cucumber Beatles..both the spotted and striped Beatles. I tried sprays etc but could not get rid of them. My cucumbers were initially good as was the squash but then became stunted , rotted and because of the color I believe that the plants were eventually infested with mosaic virus. I had to pull all of the plants.

Does anyone have any idea of the problems with my tomatoes? Could it be the mosaic virus attacked my tomatoes?

Thank you

Disappointed in NJ

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