mortgage Lifter Tomatoes are Big, Rosy, and Delicious

by Alie
(Piscataway, New Jersey)

Intrigued by the name, I grew these from seed and they were marvelous!! Big, rosy, and with hardly any seeds. Did I mention that they were delicious too? Always had good harvests until last year when I realized that I did not rotate my crops!

I planted a cover crop that fall, and turned it over in the spring. Again a cover crop of clovers with buckwheat in the summer and now winter wheat sown in the fall. Also incorporated lots of compost and lime at the same time. Hopefully, when the soil is tested in the spring, my results will show the soil to be slightly acidic...PH 7 or less.

Also the anthracnose and other bad bugs in my soil will be less powerful.

Even a backyard gardener can learn something... don't plant the same things over and over in the same place.

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