Lots of blooms but no tomatoes

by Catherine
(Fort Smith, Arkansas)

Big, beautiful healthy tomato plants with blooms but not one tomato. Have sprayed with hormones. Still no luck. Any ideas?

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May 29, 2014
May be an environmental or insect issue
by: Anonymous

High heat can also cause the blossoms to not set fruit. Temperatures need to be below about 90-95 during the day and no higher than about 70-75 at night. Heat causes the pollen to go sterile. Once temps cool off, the flowers should begin to set fruit.

High humidity can also cause problems. Moisture and humidity makes the pollen 'clumpy' and clumpy pollen can't do its job. If it's been humid for that time, this can be your problem.

If it's too cool, the flowers may not form, or they may not set fruit.

Tomatoes are a bit fussy about their environment, so it may be an environmental issue. But bugs, such as thrips, may also be the problem. Try checking the plants with a magnifier and look for bugs. Thrips are very tiny so a magnifier can help. If you find thrips or some other insect, treat with an appropriate insecticide and if you need help with choosing an organic control or non-organic, talk to a good nursery, not a big box store.

Jun 01, 2012
temperature is a factor
by: jack

temperatures must be at least 55 or above day and night to produce. you can also rub the blooms togather to pollinize them.

Feb 28, 2012
Good Tomato/Vegetable growing advice
by: Anonymous

Plants need different nutrients at different stages of development. You are probably lacking phosphorus, even though you may have originally put some in the soil. There are better ways to ensure they get the right nutrients. Here is a great educational article.


Jul 28, 2011
garden plants
by: Anonymous

I have lots of blooms but no tomatoes in my plants have been in for 3 months now

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