Leaves are curling and blossoms dropping off

We planted a tomato in a Topsy Turvy bag and its been growing well and producing well but for the last week or so it's leaves are starting to curl and dry, the three tomatoes on the vine are still green and not changing much and three blossoms have just disappeared?

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Oct 27, 2015
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Jun 18, 2011
Need More Info to Diagnose
by: Clark

Some factors that could cause problems are tomato diseases, heat, watering, and variety. If you can comment on the conditions it could help diagnose the problem.

Did you fill the growing bag to near full with good crumbly soil like potting soil?

Are you keeping the plant well watered? That would be the most important consideration.

What is the temperature like in the location, and how much direct sun is received? If it's very hot this could be a problem.

What tomato variety are you growing?

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