Huge Big Boy Plant, but no Tomatoes

by Richard
(Whittier, California)

My Big Boy tomato plant is bushy and huge, but I have no tomato blossoms. It's the first week of May and nothing. Did I use too much fertilizer or what?

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Oct 21, 2015
It sounds like NEW
by: Mika

It sounds like your plant is under stress and is producing small fruit. A number of factors can be considered: Over or under-watering? Over- or under-fertilizing. Poor soil? Too hot? Windy? Growing in a too-small container?

So yes, if the fruit is changing color now you're probably not going to get full-size fruit.
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Aug 19, 2015
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May 06, 2011
Could be too much nitrogen fertilizer
by: Clark

You probably had too much nitrogen in the soil during the first stage of growth -- because one effect of this is the plant may not ever set fruit.

That's why the general advice for fertilizing tomatoes is to apply tomato fertilizer when planting and then wait until golf ball-sized fruits are present before resuming a fertilizing program.

I'd suggest pruning back excess leaves and stop fertilizing the plants. You can also try adding bone meal or granite dust to the soil, because these have no nitrogen and are high in phosphorous which can encourage fruiting.

Good luck!

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