Healthy plant but not bearing fruit

by Joe Foster

My roommate has grown a Beefmaster tomato plant successfully in a large pot on our porch. It is approx. 4 and a half foot tall.

Our problem is is that it is not bearing any fruit. we live in the northern panhandle of Florida. It gets sunlight from morning till early afternoon.

He waters it once a day in the morning. He used Miracle Gro and Black Top Soil.

He uses Jobe's fertilizer spikes and Osmocote for feeding. He also has 1 Habanero and 6 Jalepen planted in the same pot which is 12 gallon pot.

He is getting a lot of pepper growth and has only gotten 1 very small tomato. Everyone brags about how healthy it is. It is flowering but not producing.

Was planted about 80 days ago. Can anyone help please?

Thank you.

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