Hard Grey Marks on Bottom of Tomatoes

by Roz
(Toronto, Canada)

Does any one know why I have hard grey marks on bottom of tomatoes that were not touching the ground. It seems to be on a couple of types but not the whole plant is affected. The mark is hard and unyielding but does not affect the whole tomato.

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Aug 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks...appreciate that...I forgot to mention that although it did not affect all tomatoes on the same plant it did affect different types of tomatoes. (Brandy Wine and Big Beef...one or two per plant. And not all plants. Don't know if this would make a difference in your comment.

Aug 04, 2011
Maybe blossom-end rot
by: Clark

That sounds like blossom-end rot. It's caused by inconsistent soil moisture and lack of calcium uptake. If that's what it is some treatments are to cut back on nitrogen fertilizer, use thick organic mulches to help preserve moisture and of course water consistently.

If it's not blossom-end rot I'd like to hear thoughts from others....

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