Hard Brown Spots on San Marzano Tomatoes

by Tony
(South Deerfield, MA, USA)

We are growing San Marzanos for the first time this year in Massachusetts. This past week we noticed that many of the branches are dying off, and most of the tomatoes are getting these brown spots.

In a cluster, the hard brown spots appear to be where all of the tomatoes are touching. These are large areas about 1 inch diameter and growing. I think they are rotting.

On some I can also see a light white (fungal?) coverage. These plants went from truly thriving a month ago, to now almost stopping any further growth. This is when we expected to be flooded with tomatoes. We have yielded many, but not what was expected.

Our concern is that the temperatures this year have been much lower in the evenings. Most of our evenings for the past month (in August!) have been in the 50s. Can this be killing the tomatoes? What are the other problems that we aren't aware of.

Thanks for any insight. We've been so excited about the tomatoes, and were hoping for more sauce this year.

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