Growing Tomatoes in 100 Plus Temperatures

by Colleen Hodges
(Fort Worth)

Once plants stop producing tomatoes due to high temperatures, do I prune the plants back until fall or allow to keep growing taller with flowers but no fruit? The plants are quite tall. I grow them in an Earth Box.

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Jul 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

What material was used for row covers? My tomatoes
are not flowering because of the extreme heat day and night here in Oklahoma.

Jun 18, 2011
Protect Plants during Hot Spells
by: Clark

I wish I had some of that heat up here in Seattle. This year (2011) in mid-June we've only had a few days above 70 which is not at all ideal.

But to your question about hot weather, I wouldn't prune the plants because the leaves provide shade for the fruit, unless you're talking about shriveled branches.

When it gets over 100 degrees (F) you won't get good pollination as you know. Mulching with a few inches of organic material like dry grass clippings (not treated with weed killer of course) can help preserve soil moisture. Also continue with your weekly deep watering.

If it's possible to rig up lightweight row cover fabric over the plants that could also help with intense heat.

Let us know what happens...

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