green discoloration gray inside of ripe tomatoes

by Lynett Sullivan
(Cassville NY)

my tomatoes look nice and ripe but when I slice them open seeds are either all green and also have like black/gray sludge like rot in them

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Jul 30, 2019

by: Eric

Normally green inside tomatoes means that it is not ripe yet. Another reason for red tomatoes that are green inside may be stress, which can be attributed to many things or a combination. Long periods of dry spells, especially when followed by heavy rain or excessive heat over an extended period of time, can greatly affect tomato production and maturation. In these cases, the nutrition the plant needs isn’t properly getting transferred within the plant. The end result may be a tough, green to greenish-white inner core with pale fruit walls and green seeds and cavities.

As for your gray or black I think it could be either some Blossum end rot, which sometimes forms inside or possibly Anthracnose.

You can find our pages on those here:

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