Cherry tomato plants-leaf stems curling up

by Jacquie
(Carson City, Nevada)

The leaf stems of my sweet 100's are curling up. This is not leaf curl, this is the leaf stem including the leaves, curling up from tip of leaf stem to main stalk. Some are curling up and including the flower buds.

I have never seen this. When I uncurl the stem, there are no bugs, but the leaves that are on the stem curled up, are very sparse, and usually only have half leaves, lengthwise up both sides of the stem.

These are new plants, only planted about 2 weeks ago. They are about one and a half feet tall, and are planted in large pots. I live in Carson City, Nevada and have planted tomatoes every year, but I have never seen this particular problem.

Sorry, can't send pictures. Anyone have any idea what this is? They are curled up like a cinnamon roll is rolled up. Help!


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