Cherokee Purple and my favorite tomato varieties

by Efisakov
(Bayonne, NJ)

Cherokee purple tomato

Cherokee purple tomato

My son loved red cherry tomatoes, he refused to eat any other color or type of tomatoes. Convincing him to even try a different type of tomato was next to impossible.

At the first taste of Cherokee Purple (mind that is grown in NJ, the best tasting tomatoes are the NJ tomatoes) he was sold.

He still argues about new varieties that I add each year to my tomato garden, nevertheless, he is anxious to try them.

He helps me by digging soil to prepare new tomato beds. I cannot stop expanding my tomato garden. Guilty as so many tom gardeners, the number of varieties I am growing is multiplying.

This year, if all my seeds germinate, I will be having a whooping 42 different varieties of toms. We live in the city, so the space is limited...

Here is my list:
1) Black Krim tomato (RL)
2) Cherokee Purple tomato (RL)
3) Black from Tula tomato (RL)
4) Carbon tomato (RL)
5) Schwarze Sarah black tomato (RL)
6) Brandywine Black tomato (PL)
7) Japanese Black Trifele tomato (PL)
8) Amazon Chocolate tomato (PL)
9) Black Zebra tomato (RL)
10) Black Cherry tomato (RL)
11) Matina tomato (PL)
12) Eva Purple Ball (RL)
13) Beefsteak tomato (RL)
14) Giant Beefsteak tomato (RL)
15) Moneymaker tomato (RL)
16) German Johnson Pink tomato (PL)
17) Mortgage Lifter tomato (RL)
18) Delicious Tomato (RL)
19) Jubilee tomato (RL)
20) Azoychka tomato (RL)
21) Kellogg's Breakfast tomato (RL)
22) Dr. Wyche's Yellow (RL)
40) Garden Peach (RL)
41) Taxi tomato (RL)
26) Black Pineapple/Ananas Noire (RL)
27) Big Rainbow tomato (RL)
28) Old German tomato (RL)
29) Golden Cherokee tomato (RL)
30) Pineapple tomato (RL)
31) Oaxacan Jewel tomato (RL)
32) Green Zebra tomato (RL)
33) Supersweet 100 tomato (RL)
34) Sungold tomato (RL)
35) Sweet Gold tomato (RL)
39) Blondkopfchen tomato (RL)
42) Green grape tomato (RL)

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Oct 29, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 15, 2012
That is a large tomato
by: Clark

I also enjoy the flavor of the Cherokee Purple.

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