Can you tell from photos if early blight?

by A. Lamb
(IF, ID, US)

About 1/4 of our tomato plants had leaf symptoms starting about a week ago. They are watered well, maybe some temp flux, but nothing too bad.

Hard water? Unlikely because all plants would show symptoms. Looking through pics, early blight looks like this? But no necrotic black tissue. Just dried and brown and dead til the leaf falls off.

Killing apical and axial shoots too, they just shrivel up. Other parts of plant look healthy and fine. See if you can tell form the pics. Treatment ideas? Trying to avoid petrol and synthetics.

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Apr 13, 2014
this might be early blight
by: maya

Yes this could be early blight but its hard to tell from a picture but I whould go ahead and spray the plant with seranade garden it works amazing againts all kinds of fungal diseases and it also natural and biological control product. Make sure you spray your plants throually and keep them out of the sun untill compleatly dry or they will burn.then follow up and spray again in four to seven days all the while slowly removing tilldiseased foilage just don't remove to much at once do this graduaLly as not to cause to much stress to your plant also if possible keep your plants dry don't let any rain get on then and do not over head water either. I hope this helps and I just wanted to add that its possible that you overfertilized if you think you might have transplant you plant into a larger container and water it deaply then observe it to see if its getting any better and do not fertilize for a while

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