Brandywine Leaves turning yellow, then brown and falling off

by Amber

Diseased Tomato Plant 1

Diseased Tomato Plant 1

Diseased Tomato Plant 1
Diseased Tomato Plant 2
Diseased Potato Plant

We ordered Heirloom Brandywine tomatoes from Michigan Bulb company, planted them as soon as the threat of frost was gone.

Now every single one of them has yellowing leaves, some that are yellow and brown, some that have just fallen off. I thought I was watering them too much, so I cut back watering but they have not improved.

We have had tomato blight in the past, but I changed the area we planted our tomatoes in as well as the dirt. I also have potatoes planted in a raised bed next to my tomatoes and they have the same thing happening.

Can anyone help!?!?!

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