Blossom-end rot

by Jessica
(Rising Fawn, Georgia United States)

My tomato plants are huge this year. They look healthy except the actual tomatoes.

I have recently been looking into what may be causing the "rot" on the bottom of them and the fainted color some of them have.

I have come to the conclusion that my tomatoes have the disease called blossom-end rot.

To be honest, I do not eat tomatoes, but I do love to give them away to my friends and my family. I do not want to end up making anyone sick from consuming a diseased tomato out my my garden.

Some of my tomatoes look like they are just fine and others only have small bad spots on them. Therefore my question to you is, "if any of this disease is consumed, will it harm the consumer in any way?"

I am unsure if I can just cut the bad spots off and the rest still be OK to eat or not.

Thank you,
J. Baxter

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