Black Krim Tomato

Black Krim

The Black Krim tomato, also known as the Black Crimson or Black Crim, was chosen as one of the 20 best-tasting varieties in Mother Earth News Feb/Mar '08 magazine.

This very popular heirloom tomato is a beefsteak type that originates from the Isle of Krim which is located on the Black Sea off the Crimean Coast in the Ukraine.

The fruit is a medium-large dark brown-red variety with deep green shoulders. Its wonderfully rich flavor has been characterized as having "hints of wine and saltiness in its flavor." Good for cooking or slicing, the slices are beautiful with green gel surrounding the seeds.

The Black Krim is one of the most famous heirloom tomatoes and one that all gardeners should try to grow at one point or another. It will produce under a variety of climates but is known to flourish well in the heat.

The Black Krim is indeterminate so will need to be staked or caged as it will grow and produce fruit until the fall frost arrives. It can also be grown in containers. It is more reliable and less prone to cracking than another black tomato, the Cherokee Purple; but it should be watered evenly to prevent splitting.

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Color: Dark brown-red

Shape: Beefsteak

Average Size: 10 to 12 ounce

Seed Type: Heirloom

Plant Characteristics: Indeterminate

Maturity: Mid-season, 75 days after transplant

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