Black dirt around tomato plants

The dirt around several of my tomato plants is turning black. The tomato plants look great and so do my tomatoes. I was just worried that it will eventually get the plant and tomatoes if I don't do something about it??

Any ideas?


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Mar 03, 2017
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Jul 16, 2014
Black dirt
by: Anonymous

It sounds like an algae or some type of soil fungus, hopefully not getting into the plants. Is it a real thin layer? This often occurs when soils are compacted, claylike and wet. Water doesn't drain easily and fungus begins. I would carefully remove the black soil and spray the ground with a natural anti fungal product like hydrogen peroxide. About 1/2 cup per gallon of water
Hold off on watering when the soil doesn't need it. Don't water daily. Better to give an occasional soaking in your case than regular light watering.
You need to improve your soil with organic matter after the harvest. You might want to try Aerify PLUS for help now. A light straw mulch may also help activate beneficial soil microbes and will change your soil surface for the better.

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