Big tomato supports for a small yard

by Joe

I had a very small space in my back yard, so I worked up about an 8 by 10 ft. section of very dark soil. I realized after my tomatoes starting to vine out, intertwining with each other. I planted them to close together.

So I put six non-treated 4x4s in the ground that were 10 ft long. Because of length I buried them 2 ft in.

I ran wires around the top of the posts. I untangled plants one by one. Using string I tied the vines up to the wires. I shortened them when I saw they were sagging. I had the best crop ever, plus I walked through picking them as they ripened with minimal bending at all.

I think I would've only gotten 1/4 of them if I hadn't tied them up. Perfect solution for planting too close together.

Plus I was shaded from sun while in my Tomato woods. LOL

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