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better-boy tomatoes

The Better Boy tomato (F1-hybrid) is a large globe-shaped tomato, with one pound fruits common. Better Boy got its name as an improved version of the Big Boy tomato. This classic variety is known for its large fruit and huge yields. The fruit interior is deep-red and very meaty, not seedy.

About Hybrids

The designation F1-Hybrid tells you this variety has been cross-produced from two distinct "pure" tomatoes. Because this is an F1, or first-generation hybrid, it should have better-than-average vigor and give more uniform and bigger yields. But if you save seeds for next year you'll probably not be able to recognize, or like, the tomatoes produced.

It grows indeterminate (tall) vines and will benefit from some type of staking or caging if you don't want the fruits to be in contact with the soil. The Better Boy plant is also noted for its dense foliage.

Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed, but Better Boy seedlings are easy to find at garden centers. Plant after all danger of frost has passed. (See the article When to Plant Tomatoes for more information.)

Color: Red

Shape: Globe

Average Size: 12 ounces

Seed Type: Hybrid

Plant Characteristics: Indeterminate; regular leaf; high yield

Maturity: Mid-season, 72 days after transplant

Disease Resistance: VFNGlsAsc*

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*Guide to Disease Resistance
A Alternaria
Asc Alternaria Stem Canker
St Stemphylium
V Verticillium wilt
F Fusarium wilt
FFF Fusarium races 1, 2 & 3
Gls Gray Leaf Spot
N Nematodes
T tobacco mosaic virus


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