All My San Marzano Tomatoes are the size of Grape tomatoes and turning red

by John Baker
(South New Jersey)

I purchased my seeds from my local Lowes Store,the seeds came from seed of change. I took 5 pks. to a farmer friend and asked him to start them in his green house. He called me to tell me that they all took and were doing very well and should be ready the second week of April. I picked them up all 9 flats, they were very healthy.

I took them home and planted them into my garden, I did not put any fertilizer in when I planted, I usually wait until they start to set tomatoes before I fertilize.

My plants started to grow good, I supported them with a wire trellis that I made, almost like a fence wall 8 to 9-ft. high, down the whole row about 25-ft long.

As they grew I noticed that the flowers were loading up on all my plants, I had some that had 8 to 10 flowers on one stem. As the tomatoes grew they started turning red?

They were the size of grape tomatoes? I expected them to get around 3 to 4" long. I wanted to can these, but this won't work at their size.

I live in Southern New Jersey and we did run into a very hot period in early May for a few weeks then it became very tropical for another few weeks.

Do you have any ideas why all of them have grown so small? PS this has happened to my friends who I have given these same batch of plants to as well?

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Aug 12, 2014
me too!!!! me too!
by: dissappointed green thumbs

I bought the same seeds of change brand but at Home Depot and have all cherry tomato sized San Marzano. I have fertilized with organic compost tea, mixed eggshells, watered with filtered warm water with no different results. Plus I also have one completely different type of giant round tomato plant growing. I live in sunny Southern California so sun and warm weather are plentiful. What a bummer Seeds of Change, the quality control seems to be their issue.

Aug 06, 2014
Seeds of Change San Marzano Tomatoes--Grape Tomatoes
by: Anonymous

The same thing happened to us near Syracuse, New York. We purchased the Seeds of Change San Marzano tomato seeds from a local Lowes store, and raised them from the start at our home. Now that they are ripening, they are the size of grape tomatoes and ARE grape tomatoes, no doubt. I called the Seeds of Change company, and they claimed to have not heard a thing about this, and the young man stated that these tomatoes (plum) are about the size of a cherry tomato. I kindly told him to refer to his website, which states this tomato is a 2 oz. fruit. I weighed TWO of my grape tomatoes in at a quarter of an ounce. Nevertheless, the company was of no help. We used their seeds last year without any problems. So, I took the "San Marzano" tomatoes (grape tomatoes) to Lowes and spoke to a manager concerning this. She was very helpful and is going to look into it. I will let you know if I hear anything.

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