Agressive Plant Growth - Few Tomatoes

by C.J.
(Hadlock, Washington)

The greenhouse with 8 tomato plants

The greenhouse with 8 tomato plants

The greenhouse with 8 tomato plants
Huge plants, where are the tomatoes?

I prepped my greenhouse dirt that had little or no organic material with a bag of Miracle Grow potting soil. Initially, all the plants grew well with good color and flowers. It was soon obvious that the flowers were not setting fruit and the plant seemed to be growing into something that came from The Little Shop of Horrors. The greenhouse is now practically bursting with tomato plants growing ever taller and bushier. It is the end of the season and I want to know when I can expect that tomato harvest?

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May 03, 2011
Fruit not Setting
by: dk

You may not have anything pollinating your blooms. I grew some beautiful plants (6' tall with lush growth) but had no tomatoes. I was in Northern Japan and the summer was cool. I realized that the bees were not out yet. My solution was to go around from bloom to bloom with a small paint brush. I would lightly rub each bloom. I pollinated the blooms since the bees weren't there. The plants started producing tomatoes.

Maybe you have the same problem in the greenhouse.

Sep 06, 2010
Probably too much nitrogen
by: Clark

C.J., too much green growth and few tomatoes isn't that uncommon. The problem is too much nitrogen as you've probably surmised by your comment of using Miracle Grow potting soil. Next year skip the Miracle Grow and use organic fertilizers. If you have any tomatoes to salvage, you can prune off some of the excess branches now. Next time consider digging granite dust or bone meal into the soil which are high in phosphorus.

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