20 ft high Cherry tomato vines

by Steven Podhaski
(North Port, Florida ,USA)

Carolina Reaper Pepper plant

Carolina Reaper Pepper plant

I bought a bag of Miracle Grow Potting soil and with the bag laying flat on the ground, I cut small cuts on the top of the bag, about six cuts spaced across the bag.This is so the water can drain out of the bag when I turn it over.

The slits will be now on the bottom. Then on the top, I cut a large letter H and pull the flaps open. Now the top of the bag and Miracle grow soil is exposed with the flaps open.

I like to buy live tomato plants and cut all the branches off of the plant. Just leave the top 6 inches without cutting anything off. Plant the tomato plant in the soil at a 45 degree.

So the roots of the tomato plant will be at one end of the bag and the top 6 inches will be coming out at a 45 degree at the other end of the bag. All of the stem of the plant that is buried will develop roots.

If you plant the tomato plant straight, it will only get water from the roots directly under the plant which is about 4 inches around. Now the tomato plant that is buried at a 45 degree angle will get 12" of roots and the plant will grow huge.

I have drip irrigation from 45 gallon barrel. One drop of water in about every second or more.

Not anymore, because you will drain the barrel over two days. My tomato plant only received indirect sunlight and it grew up into my Navel orange tree and had cherry tomato's all up and down the vine. Too many for me to eat.

I was giving them away to everybody. Any plants will grow like crazy this way. I have a small sweet red pepper plant that has been in the bag for over two years know and it still producing red sweet peppers .I get two or three every day off the plant and I water it with water about twice a week.

I also found that if you go to the bait shop and buy a container of worms and dump the container on the Miracle grow they will be happy and they will also fertilize the tomato with worm casings.

Take shredded paper and lay it on top of the Miracle grow. The worms will eat the paper and turn it back into soil. They are amazing.

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